Phoenix Weed Control

phoenix weed control serviceDo you have visions of having a beautiful lawn surrounding your house, but your neighbor’s weeds keep creeping into your yard, more and more each year? Do you have more crabgrass in your lawn than fescue? We can help!

Each year we see all kinds of lawns with extreme weed problems – we’re not intimidated though! In fact, the more severe the problems, the better we like it, because the change is so dramatic. People just can’t believe it’s the same lawn.

Weeds are in a constant battle for prime real-estate in your lawn. If left to fend for itself your grass seed does not stand a chance! This is true especially in the dryer months. That is when grass goes dormant and Weeds gain strength.

If your lawn has weed problems, or looks thin, we can help. Controlling weeds is usually a multi-step process.

First, for broadleaf-type weeds, we’ll get rid of them right away. For grass-type weeds, like crabgrass, we’ll put down a protective barrier in early spring that will stop them from sprouting.

Next, we’ll apply special fertilizers that will encourage your grass to grow. In extreme cases, we might suggest that your lawn be over-seeded to help fill in bare spots where weeds were especially invasive.

Extreme cases make take a full season of care and treatment to recover, but rest assured, that by the following year, your lawn will be picture perfect.

Our goal is to keep your lawn green and weed-free. Our services will keep your weeds in check. Besides controlling weeds as they appear, we can also prevent many weeds from starting by applying special pre-emergent weed controls.

One of the best ways of keeping weeds to a minimum is to keep your lawn thick and healthy. Our special weed control program includes quality fertilizers that do just that.

Fertilization: Your lawn will receive approximately six feedings throughout the year, including a special feeding for winter months. Each feeding is made using special fertilizers that are formulated for the specific needs of your lawn at the time of application.

Broadleaf Weed Control: In mid-spring, we clear out dandelions and more than 50 other common lawn weeds. Then we watch for any new invaders throughout the year, and we eliminate them at no extra charge.

Crabgrass Prevention: One or more applications of Crabgrass Preventer are made in early spring to prevent crabgrass from invading the lawn throughout the season.

Insect Protection: We clear insects that can damage your lawn and get rid of insect pests like ticks and fleas.

Winterizing: A special “winterizing” feeding is made in late fall to carry the gains made this year into next spring. That’s how great lawns are made… by compounding the improvement from one season to the next.

Monitoring: Your lawn is inspected, and its needs determined before your first treatment is made. Thereafter, each treatment is recorded, and the lawn is continuously monitored to insure that it is progressing on schedule. If a problem develops between inspections, just call us at 480-231-6130 and we’ll take care of the problem.

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