Bee Removal Service

Most of the wild honey bees in the Phoenix, Arizona area are are Africanized. We use the same proven methods to remedy Africanized and European bee problems. We recommend professional removal of all new bee swarms as well as established bee hives as soon as you find them. Their presence is a safety and health risk to both animals and people in the nearby area and often results in expensive property damage if not removed. Bee removal or extermination should not be attempted by anyone without protective gear and professional training for their safety.

Bee Removal

Extermination is the bee removal method most commonly chosen by our customers.

It is the least costly, quickest, and safest way to manage virtually any bee population. Extermination is generally divided into two types:

  • Where only flying bees are seen because the swarm is inside a wall or structure
  • Or most or all of the bee swarm is clearly visible

When bees are nesting inside walls of homes or commercial buildings, our highly trained technicians will start by finding the location of the bees. This may require drilling one or more small holes.

Once we have determined the location of the bees, we will spray specially- formulated insecticide into the hive location to exterminate the bees. Sometimes, when a hive is well established, it is not possible to exterminate the bees unless the area where they are located is opened to allow delivery of the insecticide properly.

Bee Hive Extraction from Hidden Locations

Honey bees that have located in any location for more than a couple of weeks would have produced a good amount of honey and wax. After the bee extermination/removal, we always recommend the removal of hive materials, if practical. An additional fee applies for this work.

If the bee hive materials aren’t properly removed and disposed of, often “robber bees” will be encouraged to steal honey from the exterminated hive and scout bees often identify the exterminated hive as a good location to set up a new home causing the same problem over again.

With your approval, we will remove any materials to expose the bee hive and remove the hive. The entire area will be cleaned and deodorized to discourage re-infestation.

Repair and Reconstruction After Bee Hive Extraction

We also provide repair service to the area(s) where the bee hives have been removed. An additional fee applies for this work.

Our trained technicians have completed many repairs. Repairs commonly consist of framing carpentry, insulation of wall spaces, stucco replacement, drywall installation, texturing and painting.

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Bee removal service to the Phoenix, Arizona metro area

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